Program Thursday 10th October 2024

konference Smart Energy Forum
Den 1
18 Oct 2023

Session No. 1: Best Practices of Asset Management for Utility PV Plants

Quality and Reliability Risks of PV Module & Components Production and Benefits of Holistic Quality Control

Field Tests of PV modules in the Czech Republics in Operation after 17 Years

Lessons Learned from 1,2 GW of installed Utility PV Plants in Germany, Holand and Slovakia

High Level Panel: Trends in O&M and Optimalization of Utility PV Plant Performance

Topics of the Panel Discusssion:

  • Innovations and Trends in PV Farm O&M
  • Scaling Large Scale PV Projects With the Right Technology Applications
  • How to navigate local planning regulations will impact PV deployment
  • Development & Application of Storage Solution
  • Can hardware and software innovations strengthen the business case for CEE region
  • How to increase the value of your project with new technologies that reduce maintenance cost and improve efficiencies
  • Choosing technologies with a high bankability and resilient supply chain
  • What best practice of working with EPCs looks like and learnings from past experiences

Coffee Break


Session No. 2: Energy Storage for Maximizing Revenue from Solar Electricity

Key Trends in Battery Storage and Technology Innovations (Experience of Photomate s.r.o. from BESS projects in Europe)

EVs as Smart Home Battery- Lessons Learned from Bidirectional Charging from a Customer Perspective

How to avoid pitfalls of negative prices when trading PV power at the day-ahead markets in the Czech Republics

Why does it pay to invest into corporate BESS – Lessons learned from 3-Year Operation at Industrial Plant in Jesenik in Czechia


Lunch Break


Session No. 3: AgriPV – Prospects and Best Practises

Best Project Practises in the field of Agri-PV in Europe

New PV module Technology to boost Enegy Yield from AgriPV

Panel Discussion on AgriPV


Discussion and End of Conference

The conference organizer reserves the right to change the program.

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